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Davian Deloy

Sales Assistant to Mark Simons

Beginning his career in 2021, Davian has established a sound knowledge in the field. His persistence in learning also led him to complete his Certificate IV in Property Services. Having lived in the South East of Melbourne his entire life, Davian has grown up in a multi-cultural environment and has the ability to relate with people from all walks of life.

Known as an enigma of energy, Davian's enthusiasm rubs off on everyone he deals with. Describing himself as a "People Person" it is second nature that Davian has a genuine interest in working with people of which flows effortlessly in his work. What appeals to Davian in Real Estate is far more than what is shown on the surface but more so all the little things that make up the bigger picture.

From the start of the process to the end, Davian prides himself in ensuring to keep his client’s interest firmly as the number one priority. Hence the fact that Davian sustains professional yet personal ever-lasting relationships. Beyond anything else, his unrivalled passion only fuels his doing. Davian lives by never settling for less, his high standards he brings never fails to compromise. Coming from humble beginnings, Davian is stern to give an unmatched service to those he deals with.

Outside of work, Davian enjoys staying fit both mentally and physically from reading a good book to playing basketball, going to the gym, hiking and travelling Davian always aims to make memorable experiences with those around him. As a basketball player, Davian draws the ability to lead on and off the court and believes that living life with purpose and taking everything with an open mind is the key to upholding a healthy lifestyle. His daily life is founded upon being true, keeping faithful and having heart.