Jay Bucao

Sales Consultant

Jay arrived in Australia at the age of 4 with his parents and four sisters. Growing up as a minister’s child he has learnt to relentlessly serve people by going the extra mile. With a father that is driven with purpose and strong values, his influence has strongly been ingrained in what Jay does day to day.

At a young age, Jay volunteered and lead a church youth group for over 10 years which helped him develop strong leadership skills. During that period of time he also gained experience in customer service through exposure to a number of large corporate companies and learnt how to communicate with a variety of people. Jay is down to earth and can quickly adapt to what is required of him at all times.

After learning and developing such skills, he took a big step and started the real estate journey in late 2015, which he saw as an opportunity to challenge his growth as a person and bring something different to the community.

In Jay’s spare time he loves to play guitar, spend time with his son and go travelling with his wife. 

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