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Stacey Wood

Inspections Officer

Stacey embarked on her journey in the real estate industry back in 2019 when she took the initiative to place open home directional signs for a sales agent in Pakenham. Originally aspiring to be a real estate photographer, Stacey's passion for real estate intensified, prompting her to shift her focus and pursue her dream of becoming a real estate agent.

Immersed in her current role, Stacey finds the most joy in conducting ingoing inspections. This aspect allows her to capture the essence of real estate photography on a highly detailed level, aligning with her initial artistic aspirations.

For Stacey, the key to enjoying her job lies in embracing a sense of fun. She values building positive connections with those around her and finding humor even in the midst of stressful situations.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Stacey dedicates her spare time to embarking on adventures with her children. Additionally, she channels her creativity into crafting intricate jewelry using wire and crystals, as well as creating fabricated pieces, showcasing a diverse range of interests and talents outside the realm of real estate.