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Tarryn Fadljevic

Investment Portfolio Manager

Meet Tarryn, our dedicated property manager with nearly a decade of invaluable experience. Her journey began in administration, steadily climbing the ranks to become the knowledgeable Property Manager she is today.

With an extensive background in property management and a keen understanding of relevant legislation, Tarryn ensures that our clients' investments are impeccably managed, providing them with peace of mind and exceptional customer service.

One of Tarryn's defining characteristics is her insatiable thirst for knowledge. She approaches her role with a passion for learning, constantly seeking out new insights and techniques to enhance her expertise.

As a local to Cranbourne, Tarryn brings a personal insight into the South East property market, earning her reputation as a trusted expert in the region.

Outside of work, Tarryn's life is just as bustling. Alongside her husband, she navigates the joys and challenges of raising twins. Despite her busy schedule, Tarryn still manages to indulge her passion for baking, a skill she honed through her own cake business, now delighting her family with her culinary creations.