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Thomas Freeman

Maintenance Co-Ordinator

Thomas John Freeman stands as a distinguished figure in the real estate realm, boasting a rich background spanning commercial and residential landscapes in both the Southeast suburbs and rural Gippsland. From his humble beginnings, Thomas has ascended to become a trusted expert, guiding clients through the intricacies of both commercial and residential transactions.

In the dynamic South East suburbs, Thomas showcases a strategic understanding of market trends, making him an invaluable guide for clients seeking to navigate the vibrant and competitive real estate landscape. Expanding his expertise to rural Gippsland, he seamlessly combines his passion for real estate with a keen appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities presented in this serene locale.

Beyond the professional sphere, Thomas John Freeman reveals a vibrant personal side that adds depth to his character. A fervent enthusiast of car and motorsport culture, he finds joy in the exhilarating world of fast engines and sleek vehicles. Away from the real estate hustle, Thomas enjoys the freedom of the open road through camping and offroading, embracing the spirit of adventure in the great outdoors.

Thomas's personal pursuits are complemented by the joy of family life. He shares these passions with his beloved wife and daughter, creating a harmonious blend of professional success and personal fulfillment. In the fast-paced world of real estate, Thomas John Freeman stands out not just for his expertise but also for his zest for life, adventure, and cherished moments spent with his loved ones.