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Elite Business Writers 2013

By Eleanor Hopkins

This year’s ranking reveals the changing face of the modern broker, writes The Adviser’s editor, Stacey Mosely

THIS YEAR, we have shaken things up a bit.

The 2013 Elite Business Writers list shows the true intensity of broker competition. The list rewards those brokers who manage to successfully settle the largest number of loans, as well as taking into consideration the diversified broker of today.

Here at The Adviser, we believe this list represents what it means to be a post-GFC, post-NCCP broker – a key professional in the contemporary financial services landscape.

While many familiar names appear on the list, there are a number of newcomers. In fact, just over half of this year’s Top 50 were not on the list last year.

Analysing the extensive amount of data collected in the survey this year, we also saw clear evidence that brokers are increasingly diversifying their services.

More brokers are writing more insurance and financial services products at higher volumes than ever before.

The broker proposition continues to show strength, with our Top 50 brokers writing over $5.3 billion in residential mortgages, insurance and other financial services products. And if the property market continues to trend upwards – as seems most likely – we can expect even bigger numbers next year.

I would like to congratulate all those brokers named in our Elite Business Writers ranking, and also commend those who participated in this year’s survey.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to our industry sponsor ING DIRECT – without their support the ranking would not be the success that it is.


Josh Bartlett, VIC

CHANGING FROM personal training to mortgage broking may seem like an odd move to some, but to this year’s Elite Business Writers top-ranked rookie, Josh Bartlett of Loan Market in Victoria, it made perfect sense.

“I wanted to be a part of the real estate industry without being an agent,” he laughs. “Mortgage broking offered me a challenge, but I don’t see it being too different to personal training – you deal with clients all day.

“Both industries are about building a relationship and selling a product.”

With just two years’ experience in the industry as of the 2012/2013 financial year, Mr Bartlett has managed to write $90,283,049 in residential and other loans, securing him 16th place on the Elite Business Writers list.

But he admits his career to date hasn’t been without its challenges.

“The first year or so was difficult and I really had to work hard to learn all the different credit policies,” he says.

“I also had a branded office so I had to work out the industry quick smart and start creating contacts.”

And the advice he offers other young brokers? “Seek out someone else that is doing the same thing and writing big volumes and learn from them,” he says.

“Also, if you are in this business to have an easy lifestyle, well you are probably in the wrong industry.

“You have to commit to putting your head down to work on your referrals for the first three to five years. I am not there yet.”

Source: The Adviser August 30th, 2013

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