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Is January a good time to sell?

By Mark Guthrie

Despite what many say January is still a great time to sell. It is true that in the Christmas and New Year period we often see sales volumes fall away dramatically. However, after everything starts to settle down again in the New Year, attention does turn back to the property market through the later part of January and early February.

Points of consideration in the month January:

    Buyers that are still in the market from last year are often frustrated and very keen to buy.

    People are still on holidays which gives them time to attend property inspections. Better still, those on break are more prepared, have more time to research and feel confident in their buying decisions. What must be remembered is that a true home buyer will always leave themselves open to the market and will never be too far gone in holiday mode.
    Many families are looking to settle down into their new properties for the New Year.
    A lot of people consider that Spring is the peak time to sell. Why not beat the rush and have your property listed with minimal competition?
    A sunny home (questionable in any Melbourne summer) always looks inviting and people are generally in a better mood as the New Year starts.

Historically, January is a good time to get sales away and it’s important to remember that the more stock that comes in the market through February, is in direct competition with your property.

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